Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Richmond is lucky enough to have a locally owned and operated, professional dog walking/sitting business that volunteers with our rescue! Canine Adventures  have taken my fosters out for extended hikes in the area working on leash skills, getting awesome shots and generally wearing out my foster so it seemed like a no-brainer to sign up when they offered a "Human Adventure" this past weekend. The jist is that you bring a dog and go on a guided hike all around our very own James River allowing for socialization & playtime for humans and canines alike. The draw for me is that they were hitting up Texas Beach which I've never actually made it to and I STILL have Diamond up for adoption...so we went.

While she normally a great walker, being out with a dozen dogs (many of whom had earned the privilege of being off-leash) left her so excited, she managed to drag me 99.9% of the entire trip. We went up and down and all around and had a great time! See...

After what must have been about 6 miles though my legs are still reminding me of that trip 2 days later. Her legs? They are fine...though she has been much better behaved. Go walk you dog peeps!

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