Friday, March 25, 2011


Imagine getting a text that says, "Your father had a heart attack yesterday."


Yeah, my sister sent me that text. Let us dissect that text...
  • "Your father" = my sister is pissed
  • "had a heart attack yesterday" = The rents chose not to tell us
I called for details and asked if the 'rents should be cursed now or later.

Seems he had some arm and chest pain and wanted to treat it with antacids...which don't help heart attacks in case you wondered. My Mom convinced him to go to the doctor...since he would not agree to a 911 call, a trip to the ER or even Patient First. The doctor explained they needed to send him to the hospital only because he wasn't breathing very well but that all would be fine.

He had surgery. No one called because they "didn't want to upset the girls."

Forward onto recovery...Pop pop feels better and calls his youngest. His grandson answers the phone, they have a conversation and hang up. My nephew immediately calls his mom and demands to know what she is keeping from him. My sister has not a clue. She calls my Mom who spills the beans.

Pop Pop hangs out at the hospital until he can convince them that all is fine and he should go home...Before I even arrive to see him at home I get another text from my sister..."Your father says when he gets home this thing never happened."

Yep...That's how he rolls. He didn't tell us when he had surgery for skin cancer a couple of years ago either.

Four days post heart attack he was happy to show me his "boo-boo" wanted to go to the dog park for a play date and when he realized no one would take him he tried to tag along with me as I went grocery shopping for my Mom (so she could stay home with him.) He's got  a nurse at the house, got them coming in for PT and looks better than he has in some time.

Did I curse him? No...I shook my head and said I love him. 


  1. i'm glad all is well, sometimes we have to just bite our tongue and move on.

  2. It's difficult to be angry and grateful at the same time!
    Thank goodness all is well.

  3. Ugh parents! It's their revenge for what we did to them as children.

    I'm glad he's okay. Sometimes...okay most times, I wish I was told less information. :)

  4. Anonymous3/26/2011

    My siblings used to pull that we me. They would know something serious about the health of my parents and because I'm the "baby" they would withhold the information in fear I couldn't "handle it". I was in my mid-twenties, running an office, married and a homeowner. "Baby" is not a word I would use to describe me.

  5. My dad announced on facebook that he'd had a biopsy for skin cancer - his third bout. I was not impressed, but I love him anyways.