Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Booty!

My son is a HUGE fan of the Pit Boss on Animal Planet. He firmly believes that Pits are the best dog in the world and every one should be saved no matter what...So, we DVR the show and religiously watches it on Sunday mornings.

Ashley, one of the little people on the show, is a lesbian and open about it on tv. Not that that matters but this morning she bought her girlfriend a promise ring on the show. My son was all "Wow! She's getting serious." and "I'm surprised they are not married yet because they've been together 5 years. Usually people marry after 2 years." I pointed out it was a big commitment and he agreed she should be certain first.  I made a  comment that they couldn't marry there and questions came along.

Long story short my son declared the whole thing to be "BOOTY" which is a 10 year old version of calling bullshit...He said if 2 boys want marry each other it should be ok and girls should be treated the same way.

So there.


  1. Anonymous3/27/2011

    Your son is an awesome example of what a great Mother he has : )

  2. Your kids are awesome! Love him!

  3. I'm stealing the phrase "It's booty" and will be using it with alarming regularity moving forward.

    In related news - the lack of gay marriage rights in this country IS booty. Bootytastic. Bootyrific. Bootylicious? Ok, too far.

  4. Smart Boy! Awesome mom!