Tuesday, March 15, 2011


How many views on Petfinder does it take to get a foster dog adopted? A bunch. 

We are in the process of seeking positive changes to help our pups be adopted more quickly...We want good photos that show personality and bios that demonstrate the same along with accurate basic info. Rescue peeps, what else helps? Adopters, what caught your eye/heart? Really. Be brutal. Tell me. I want to help. :)

 In the meantime, Diamond has an app and hopefully will move on to her forever family soon...Making room for the Pie Man you caught a glimpse of before she arrived.  ;)


  1. I really wish you would't post such adorableness...I want to take every single one you post about! I had to stop myself from saving a really ugly dove yesterday. And by ugly, I mean it got interbred with something that made it a BLACK dove.

  2. I know, keeping Petfinder up to date is a full time job!
    A good picture and updating them often goes a long way. When I adopted Tim & Orv (back when I had NO dogs) it was a cute picture that made me stop and look. I know my group has been putting the more positive spin on the dog as they are now and leaving out a lot of past abuse/neglect/puppymill info. Also little short video clips are great too.

    My last adopted foster had been sitting stagnate on Petfinder for over a year. I just couldn't understand why no one was interested in this beautiful loving dog. I read her previous bio and it said something about growling/snapping at other dogs. She had been at my house for months and had never shown these behaviors. I updated her pictures and re-vamped her bio and she had an application 2 weeks later.
    I believe in full disclosure with adopters but have left out things like "food possessive" in their bio and then told the potential adopter when they contacted us for more info.