Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come Oooooon Friday!

I haven't dropped in as I have been a busy girl. I heve...
  • Gotten the driveway paved on a whim. It was going to happen sooner or later but the men want work now and are cheap since they are hurting for it
  • Filed my taxes...Rat bastards sent me a love note saying because I itemize certain deductions my refund shall be delayed. 
But Friday approaches my bitches and I plan to have lots of fun! I will...
  • Go to a Poker Party
  • Attend the Boy's Basketball Game
  • Send Smoosh off on a trial run adoption!!!
  • Get an estimate to fence in my yard
  • Attend a Toy Party
  • And watch the Superbowl
Should be Fan-Tab-U-Lous!


  1. who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? I'm a Packers fan and Bing is a Steelers fan....should be interesting.

  2. Anonymous2/03/2011

    You had me at toy party.

  3. Fingers crossed for smoosh!

    You have a busy weekend planned!

  4. I was just going to ask about Smoosh...another trial for him? I hope it's a winner.

    My plan to to go shopping during the Super Bowl...the stores will be wonderfully quiet!