Monday, January 10, 2011


Smoosh was returned today...Seems he was not thrilled with the overly exuberant 10 month old pup he was to live with so they had a dog fight. Then he nipped at his new-mom-to-be for trying to take his bone. The poor guy did not want to bring him back but thought it was for the best. He even said he thought he liked Sylvester better than the bulldog he owns. I felt bad for him and am already working on the next app we have. I question the fit since they want an obedient, gentle dog but perhaps he's willing to work on that? Or perhaps we have another dog that will be a better fit? We shall see. They have rescue experience so they should have an idea on what they or won't accept.

And this year I hope to improve my photography skills. I never manage to sign up for a class so I bought a book. I took 2 pics yesterday and spent a loooong time playing with them. Here are the results below...What do you think?

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