Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy Hell! It's worse than a 1st date!

Today is the day...I've waded through the crazies and have a GREAT app for Sylvester! They are coming to meet him today and if they like him they will take him for a trial run.

They have had English Bulldogs in the past and spent plenty of money on their health and care. They don't have kids. They have a large fenced yard. They have glowing references and a 10 month old baby (Bulldog) all up to date on all his health stuff. They stayed in touch through the review process. They asked questions. They believe in training - crate and obedience. They sound perfect.

I hope they think he is.

This morning I realized not only does he need a bath, I need to print out contracts. And bag some food. And I want to pooper scoop the yard...I've been very lax in this as it is cold as shit out. And we dont hang in the yard in the winter...These people will be meeting all of us for the 1st time and while how they feel about him is really all that matters I still want to have my shit together when they get here. And I don't have his dates from his vacs to give them and because he came in after being seized I'm not 100% certain who did the vetting - Ugh!

We just finalized everything last night and now we have a whirlwind of activity. With them living quite a distance I need to be prepared either way. As much as I wanted to make him a permanent family member I could do nothing but root for him once I realized that was not my best idea ever.

Cross your paws for my Smoosh! He deserves nothing but the best!


  1. Good luck with everything! Sounds like a perfect match, as long as Smoosh delivers the goods.

  2. Eight little sets of paws here are crossed for the big guy.
    I'm happy they have experience with the breed. That's a huge positive there. I'm also the one running around at zero hour trying to get everything together too.

    I'm usually OCD about the yard but when it's -10, it's damn hard to get out there. Good luck!

  3. I believe it Mel...I was unhappy to be out there today when it was in the 20's or 30's...He left today! I hope he's all they wanted and more. :)

  4. Seriously. Look at that face! How could he just not be PERFECT for them?!?!? I see that they did accept him! I hope everyone is very happy together!!