Sunday, January 2, 2011

All good things must end?

Maybe, maybe not...but vacation ends today. After 2.5 weeks of not working I must sweep the cobwebs from my brain and go earn those handy dandy little checks that keep my house afloat. Excuse me while I shed a tear...

Willow was adopted and returned in less than 48 hours. Seems the woman was allergic to dogs and somehow thought this would be "different." For real. Anywhos she's gone to another foster in Nova where she will learn Flyball. She may not have a forever home yet but she's made tons of friends from Philly to Richmond, VA and has learned a lot. Not to bad for a shelter dog.

And Sylvester is still here waiting for a home. Seems the only people who want him have small kids and cats. Not a good fit. The one fam that sounded awesome wanted him to be an outdoor dog. Um. No. English Bulldogs are not outdoor dogs. My fosters are not outdoor dogs. And so we wait. He's been doing awesome but was nippy yesterday. Just like small kids, they have good days and bad days.

Dena is out qualifying in a new territory and called to tell me they put her up in a hotel infested with stink bugs. The staff acknowledges the problem and put up signs everywhere blaming it on the sudden turn in weather. I recommended she keep her bag zipped. EW!

And the mud has begun...Despite the white pics I posted of our Xmas snow it's been in the 60's here this weekend and rained all day. I send 2 dogs out and they come in clean...I send the bully boys out and they come in caked in mud. They dry in the crates and then come back out...I can't believe I was foolish enough to dole out baths this week. Now I shall wait until we dry out a bit.

No resolutions here either. I continue to work on my finances and being a skinny bitch...though money is easier to handle than my waistline. Wish me luck and a Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Anonymous1/03/2011

    Fat Bitches are much more fun....the only fun one can have with a Skinny Bitch is converting her to a Fat Bitch ; )

  2. Besto of luck on everything you do! And have a healthy, happy New Year.

    You mentioned Philly? Are you from or live in Philly?

  3. That's such a long time to be off! Nice!!

  4. DM, you're right but I have to fight the fight.

    Kym, we're in VA but D is a train conductor and learning that area now.

    And yes, vacation was awesome! :)

  5. Oh! and the woman that tried adopting Willow was from there...silly me

  6. Anonymous1/04/2011

    Not being a dog owner (but will be in future, as my sig other stipulates), I have a really dumb question about dogs. If someone has a dog but the person has a 9-5 job, how does the dog go potty?

  7. Depends. Before mine had the luxury of a 21 yr old in the house that sleeps til noon they were fed and watered in the am and just had to wait til Mom got back home. Many folks do pop home at lunch time to let their pets out but my commute is entirely too long for that.

    If you were to get a puppy I'd recommend taking vacation time to get them settled in and adopting an adult dog is often much easier in my mind than the babies.

    Dogs can hold it that long. Mine just don't have to.

  8. dogs caked in mud is a great title to a blog!