Monday, December 27, 2010

They walk the talk and I love my parents

Many of you know this, some probably simply suspect and some people reading this post may find themselves saying - damn, I didn't have a clue. I'd guess most of that depends on how well you really do know me and/or how closely you pay attention. And I'd be willing to guess on some of who falls into each of those categories. Anyway, Dena and I have been dating for quite some time now and when asked I have not denied it but I haven't exactly ever run around saying shit like - Hi, I'm LIlliGirl and I'm gay.

I have been trying to tell my Mom about Dena for months now but EVERY SINGLE TIME someone comes over. Or it's a holiday. Or a birthday. Or the kids are there and suddenly need attention. The timing never was working out and being ready for what felt like forever I decided to do so before Christmas. True to the trend as I finally got her in another room a home health care worker showed up for my Dad. I was all WTF? Really? Are you kidding me?

So I did it anyway, but quickly. I said look, I've been trying to tell you this forever but something always gets in the way. Dena and I are dating. Mom says she knows and she's glad I finally told her so she doesn't have to "sit on it anymore." I told her I hadn't told her sooner because I didn't want to upset or disappoint her. She tells me she loves me, I will always be her baby girl and to be proud of who I am. Then she gave me a big long hug. There were a few tears and I went home.

The next day I told my Dad on our way home from shopping. He said "ok" but nothing more. Just as if I had said I'm on my way to pick you up...I told him the same thing I told my Mom. He only asked why am I decided to tell him now. I told him it's because I love her. He said ok and that was it. Pretty much a total non-event.

I feel relieved. I felt like I was lying to them even though I knew they knew. I mean come on. We live together and sleep in the same bed. Who else does that? People in committed relationships are the only ones I know.

We all spent Christmas all together and she got new PJs from my Mom with the comment of "I hope they are not too prissy." We'll exchange them. She likes the pants but the embroidered shirt was a bit much for her. I told her she's be cute in it but she's not buying it.


  1. What a relief!
    I know what you mean by just having to say it aloud to them even if they already "know". Have a happy new year.

  2. Anonymous12/28/2010

    I bet it feels good to exhale.

  3. Yes, you can breathe now...congrats on coming out to your folks even if they already just makes life more easier.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Congrats! life will be so much less complicated now!

    Somehow I feel like it's my turn now.

  5. Congrats! Must be the season of telling! I'll take take Christmas! It is nice to get it out there...been a good thing for me so far and will continue to be for you as well!

    **HIGH FIVE!!!**

  6. it's so wonderful that you can share your relationship with the ones you love the most. very cute gesture from your mom too ;-)

  7. Anonymous12/29/2010

    I see you've figured out who this woman is who keeps leaving comments on your blog ; )

    shhhhh, this blog's a secret....don't share with anyone we both know please : )

  8. No worries, DM. Your secret is safe with me. :)

    And thanks everyone for the comments. :D

  9. Congratulations! I thought you were straight but that shows how much I know....I'm basically clueless I guess.

  10. That must be a huge weight off your shoulders - feels good, doesn't it?