Monday, December 27, 2010

The Hangover...

Christmas has come and gone and so has most of the family. Dena left in the wee hours to head back up to Baltimore. She'll be training on a new territory and then "marking up." Hopefully we will see her more then.
The kids are back home from their Dad's and while the youngest and eldest were pleased the boy was a bit disappointed this year. No laptop, cell phone or new wrestlers - though he told no one he wanted the last item.

The tree is down and most of the presents have been put away. Life is almost back to normal. The eldest stayed out all night and is "paying for her sins" now. She didn't look too good when she left today. Rather than sledding the boy wants to go exchange gifts today. And so we shall. Then we will go to the grandparents for more presents. Snow kept them home for the most part yesterday it seems (but they went sledding? I don't know. Makes no sense to me.)

Then we shall chill. I will curl up with one of my new books and we will enjoy our time before we begin the year anew.


  1. Life is almost back to normal here as well, we put all the gifts away but haven't taken down decorations, I usually do that the day after New Years.

  2. All the decorations are down and put away? Damn you are efficient. Usually we do it New Years day. Some of the non-Christmasy outside stuff we leave up until spring. With all the dark and dreary weather, it's nice to have a little light to come home to.