Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's not the 50's anymore....

Remember hearing how housewives were all excited about things like dishwashers and washing machines? Well now, it IS 2010 and there is a new gadget out there someone will just have to have...I included the link as only a sample. Really. Who wouldn't love getting a stainless steel trash can with and infrared sensor under the tree?

I came across this while looking for a new kitchen trashcan. I want one that is stainless steel and Sprout-proof. Who knew it would be hard to find?

These new touchless trashcans operate on batteries or plug in. I think I pay the electric company enough without having to add in supplying electricity to my trash can. Just sayin. And wouldn't that be convenient for the dog? He could walk up to browse and poof! buffet served.I'm not actually sure where the sensor on these things is but I'm also not sure it matters...

1 comment:

  1. A friend of mine has one of these.

    It is fun to watch people who don't know that it's automatic get the poo scared out of them. You can just walk by and it will pop open.

    Hours of entertainment. You're right though, probably not good for the dogs!