Friday, September 24, 2010

Wrapped up in Power

Good? Not so much...Twice this week I took my flip flops off, chilled and did my work. Twice when I stood up and put the shoes back on I was tangled in my laptop's powercord. Not so cool.

And Z had homework this week. She and Mom did not agree on how it should be done. But, Mom has the power, right? Yes, so Mom wins...cut to shot of 6 yr old looking down with her heads in the hands with a a look of "Oh my god! how long do I have to deal with this woman?" Poor thing was soooo frustrated. No patience what-so-ever. Nope, neither of us. I predict years of battles to come.

And in other news? One should not fall asleep with Investigation Discovery (that crime channel) on in the background. What, you need proof? Well read on...

I dreamed I had to murder some guy by putting a curling iron around his neck and he simply wouldn't get on with the business of dying. Not strangling or burning him...yet somehow this was going to be fatal? And I was at my neighbor's house instead of mine. Fortunately it was all rated G so he didn't seem to be in any pain (only wanting to leave)and I was wishing he'd just hurry up and die. Anyway, the dog let him crawl out to the front yard and I was truly irritated cause there he was flopping his one leg around (no idea what happened to the other one), picking his bones up (Really?) and trying to get the damn dog back in the house...He was considerate enough o put a leash on the dog though.

So change the channel BEFORE you go to sleep. Just sayin'

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  1. Anonymous9/25/2010

    I think we're living some kind of bizarro lives.

    Littleman and I have a WWF cage match over homework every single afternoon. He's smart as a whip and argues like JohnnyfuckingCockran about homework being a waste of his precious time and that he's just repeating everything he's already done in school. Hard to argue when I agree but alas, the homework must be done.

    Also, I've become addicted to Dexter, you know the show about an effing SERIAL KILLER. Yeah, watching that before bed....yikes.