Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear God, I Love Florida!

The Stud Farm is still for sale...On the market over a month now with not one showing.

I've been to see over 30 houses and not really liked any but 2. Offer turned down on one and one was unrealistic.

There was one house I loved so much I would have sold my left leg to buy...but the schools sucked. WHy do all the po' folks get all the sweet ass houses?

I haven't been to see any lately because I have been on vacation. Glorious, wonderful vacation in the fantasy land the rest of the world calls Florida. We went on airboat rides, to the Environmental Center my Aunt founded, Vizcaya Gardens and the beach many times. We collected coral and held alligators and fed turtles. We wrapped up a couple days stopping at the ice cream shop. We hit the Miccosoukee Indian Reservation where I caught a real, honest-to-God Alligator. Without mouth tape. After my son dropped it. And my daughter disappeared faster than you can say "Oh Shit!"

Screw VA...I want to move to Biscayne Bay and live here:

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  1. could live there along with 20 of your friends. Looks like the shrubs would be fun. ;)