Monday, July 26, 2010

Yeah, Yeah. I know I screwed Up.

So I recently re-permed Z's hair with horrific results. None of my kids are white and as I saw her hair breaking and coming out in clumps I ran her right up to my sister-girl hairdressers to beg for help. I've done her hair myself her whole life and never experienced this. The consensus in the shop was that I got an old perm - One that outlived it's shelf life. They stopped the breakage, schooled me on trying to help her hair recover and home we went.

Since then I've been doing a bit of research on how to let her hair go natural. I know I'm down to twists as styling option as braids pull too much. No rubber rubber bands. Lots of protein and silk. Trouble is, her curl pattern is damaged and we are still dealing with the breakage that happened. Question...Do we chop it all off and start over or keep styling the damaged hair? Trouble with going natural after perming is that the perm will break off as that creates a "weak point" in the hair strand.

I desperately want to chop it all off and start over with the fresh, healthy hair. Which I vow to not perm again. She does not want to. Her sister doesn't want me to. Everyone is on her side. Meanwhile I am practicing on how to fix it all when it grows back. I may whip out the scissors very soon and go find a doll to work on instead.

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  1. yeah..I agree, don't chop it off--you'll only end up making a bad situation worse by causing her to be overly self-concious. I'm sure this isn't the first time this has happened, let your relative do her magic and just take a deep breath, forgive yourself and move on.. :)