Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Approved App

Miss Buttercup has an approved application for adoption now. I should be jumping up and down, and while I am happy for her it will be hard to let her go. She's been here almost 5 months now and she will be missed. I woke up to her spooning me this morning.

The family lives about 2-3 hours away and has 2 other pups...making sure her meet & greet goes well will be critical for her success. You see, she's not keen on stranger dogs but one she relaxes and gets to know them a little bit she does just fine. I need to make sure her potential adopter understands this and is willing to help her adjust. I mean think about it. You go from being lost and running wild to Animal Control. Then you go live with a family for almost half a year. The family feeds you, grooms you, takes you to the vet and to fun places like parks, baseball games and on walks and move again. To a new family. This new family is supposed to be your permanent home but you don't understand that. There are new people, new dogs, a new environment and maybe even new rules. Shit, I'd be stressed out. Wouldn't you?

I pray these are the right folks for her and that they will help her settle right in. I am willing to do my part in making sure the initial meetings go as well as they can and maybe even driving out to introduce them there. I'll chat with her and we'll come up with a plan. Cross your fingers folks. This could be it.In the meantime I think my plan for a break has once again gone by the wayside. There is a pretty pittie boy named Charlie Brown who needs some help. He was adopted by a Veteran who kept him and loved him dearly. The man has lost everything though and had to go to the VA for long term medical care so he was forced to tearfully bring Charlie back to Animal Control. He's not doing well back in the shelter and I have a friend working hard and even willing to donate $200 to any reputable rescue willing to take him in. I know a rescue that I feel certain will happily take him IF he has a foster. I'm certain they are full. I may have a short term solution for him but don't know yet. If/once Butters gets adopted he can come here. Many balls in the air and a lot of folks are trying to help this boy. If you're in or close to VA and might be willing to take him on short or longer term let me know. We'll chat. ;)

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