Friday, July 16, 2010

Networking Works

So Butters has been gone almost a week and while we miss her there's no hole here...You see, the girl who pet-sit her but couldn't adopt her due to a kitty in the house referred her to another friend 3 hours away. She saw her online, submitted an app and someone from another rescue did a home visit. She drove 3 hours to pick her up last Sunday. She's settled in beautifully and has a deep appreciation it seems for her new leather couch...She lets the other pup have her new dog bed.Monday the kids and I went to meet Charlie Brown. He was jumpy and nippy but I decided on Tuesday I'd pull him as soon as I got the blessing from the rescue that we were planning to work with. The shelter asked that I bring my pups for a meet & greet. This is unusual in a but everyone on this was pulling so hard for him; no one had a plan B if it didn't work out and more than one person was donating specifically to his care so I left work to load my 3 dogs and a crate and head to the shelter...We had Layla meet him 1st since I hoped to catch her when least stressed and she even let him sniff her butt. She got praise and checked him out and was later referred to as "hoity-toity" by the staff. I thought that was a nice way to call her out (I Might have aid snippy, uptight bitch.)

Sprout barked, and lunged and put off one of the shelter workers. Fortunately the other could see though his antics as could I. By the end of that meet and greet Charlie was lying on the pavement for a belly-rub while Sprout nudged him repeatedly, desperate to play.

Roscoe was his normal nonreactive self. I'd tell you something cute or funny but honestly I don't think he could have cared less.
Once home mine were crated and Charlie and I went for a short walk. You see it's hot here and he's a little fatty so my dogs + 4 blocks = 1 worn out dog. He met my pups again one by one, saw the yard and the house. He had a bath. He got some cookies and practiced sitting to be pet. Overall? A great 1st day. Yesterday I managed a short play session with all 4 pups loose and at the end of the night he and Sprout were sleeping together with Charlie Brown in my lap as we watched tv.Charlie Brown is fully vetted, neutered, healthy, housebroken and has simply had a hard way to go. All he needs now is his permanent family.

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  1. heck yeah to the CB!!!!

    ---snippy, uptight bitch. HA