Friday, March 19, 2010

I am Thankful

So many folks I know are not having a great end to the winter...I know of much illness, death and some job loss. A friend of mine is getting divorced after many years of marriage and the list goes on. I hope Spring bring happier changes to all these folks.

We are focused on it here. My 6 yr old was delighted to have caught the leprechaun at school...She didn't get to see him but he did not get out of her trap without leaving gold chocolate coins and toys behind. She was equally excited when she noticed all the clover growing in our yard this week. We are not to step on it per her direction. My forsythia is blooming, tulips are coming up and I see the first sprouts of my Lillys. The trees are all budding and the grass is showing signs of life in the mud bog that had become my back yard. We are thankful.

My eldest has started school, my youngest is enjoying softball and my middle child is enjoying his season off from sports. I am looking forward to vacation and the children are asking to set up the pool. I have assured them it is a bit early but even I dreamed of it last night as our temps hover around 70.

Belle did not have enough funds raised for her surgery but the head of the rescue put the balance on her personal credit card and she came through it wonderfully. She does have a good heart and is committed to all she does for the dogs in her rescue. Buttercup is still here. The one family that came to see her did not decide to adopt her. Too bad, but she's got it pretty good here. She certainly would have been put down by now if left in the shelter.

Spring is here. I'll celebrate at the Irish Festival and continue to be thankful for all that is going well in my small corner of this great big world.

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