Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honesty & Integrity...

is one of the qualities I consider to be important in life and I have tried hard to teach it to my children. The way I explain it to them is in terms of what would you do when no one is looking? If you could steal a million dollars and no one would ever know would you? Honesty is also important in our house. Sometimes more important than whatever offense you may have committed. I want them to take ownership of their mistakes and correct for them. Then move on...My son, for the most part, gets this. Example?

After being sent to bed he stayed up late playing his dsi. He was busted by his older sister who promptly took it away and told him to go to sleep. He told me about this. Now of course the 20 yr old tattled on him but without his knowing he fessed right up.

Last night it was plugged in for charging within convenient reach of the bed. I told him he could leave it there but was not allowed to play it. He spoke up and said I had better take it. It was too much temptation. I congratulated him on knowing this about himself and plugged it up in the living room for him. I love that boy!


  1. Anonymous3/23/2010

    Right on! Yes I agree, honesty is something I wish more people had.

  2. ok, I'm not a parent, but I feel like I should nominate you for a "stellar parenting" award right now...when I worked with kids I was totally floored by how sneaky and manipulative some kids can be. At least what I saw, not too many parents were familiar with the idea of encouraging ownership and general doing-the-right-thing.

  3. So cool - he knows himself, and he asked you for help. Honesty is so important!

  4. Anonymous3/24/2010

    That sounds like one great kid.

  5. Thanks ladies! Of course I love him to pieces.