Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good News? Cotton McLovin's potential adopter was approved.

Bad News? At 1.30am I got an e-mail basically saying "Oops! Can you get him HW Tested tomorrow?" You see, it once again fell through the cracks that he came to us heartworm positive and while his new fam hopes to take him home tomorrow the rescue group won't allow that with heartworms. My coordinator volunteered for damage control but, Oh Hell! He's been with me, on preventative for 4 months...treating with preventative alone normally calls for a 6 month follow up test. I remarked today in smart-ass fashion that he sure could use a small miracle and it would be nice if God could get right on that.

Good news? I got him to the vet at 5pm today and Cotton McLovin is HEARTWORM NEGATIVE! WHOO HOO!

We came home, turned up the heat and he got a bath. He's quietly drying in his crate as we speak. Here's to hoping these folks love him as much as we do when they meet him!


  1. Oh good ending on this chapter now let's keep our fingers crossed.

  2. Karma is for puppies, too! Glad to hear the good news.