Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's quieter here...

They are walking around looking, checking and whining a little. He and Layla had jut recently become good friends. She even played with him this week. He came here back in October...His heart worms are gone. He got his shots. He was microchipped. He learned some leash manners and not to jump on everyone. He learned to sit and to lay down. He loved us and we loved him.

Cotton left on a trial run today. The folks are great. They will have him for a week while they decide on finalizing his adoption.

It's odd with just my 2 here, but it's nice. People always say things like "Oh, I could never let them go. How can you do it?" It's one way I can give back. With so many wonderful dogs in need why wouldn't I when I can?

I was talking of a break. I was feeling burned out but I think my answer is to limit it to one at a time. There is a Boston in need, an owner surrender, that's been waiting several months to get into rescue. I think I need to send off an e-mail tomorrow.


  1. You are amazing. Keeping my fingers crossed that Cotton's found his home.

  2. Anonymous2/05/2010

    You are such a wonderful person for fostering all these babies. I will foster again, once Andy is older and pretends I'm not his mother in public (I'm thinking around 15?) In the Fall I'm also going to contact NJBoxerRescue and volunteer with them. No fostering though, I can't handle that with a small child. I'm one of those "I need my shit in order or I lose my shit" people. You rock girl!

  3. Anonymous2/05/2010

    I can imagine that being a lot of work. But is awesome! Hoping for the best for Cotton!