Monday, January 11, 2010

Epic Win...

I've carried and given birth to 3 children in the last 20 years. The first child was never what you'd call a morning person. She'd quietly do whatever she needed to do and move on (without talking. at all.) The second child is the most annoying morning person Ive ever met...He sings, plays, jumps, is noisy...He's still alive as I taught him early to do all he needed to 1st and then begin the antics. Then I had Z. She is the exact opposite of a morning person. She does not want to wake up. She does not want to dress. She does not want to play or sing or get on with the day. She generally hates her brother for about an hour upon waking. Some of her happier mornings have happened when her brother was away and Mommy was happy to stay in bed 'til noon. Quietly. With books.

All that may be changing...I got her the interactive Dora PC game for Xmas. And after making her cry by telling her vacation was over, I informed her that if she got up and ready to go in the mornings, before Mommy, she'd have time to play on the computer.

Today? I'll be damned! She did it! I could not believe it...She very reluctantly got out of bed but chose her clothes, dressed to the shoes and was booting up before I finished dressing. Wow. I mean, wow! I love Dora. I mean, not really, but yeah, I do. She is sooooo staying at my house!

p.s. why was last week 3 weeks long?


  1. Anonymous1/11/2010

    Those cartoons are like kiddie crack. Andy will do anything to be able to watch SpongeBob.

  2. I wish that is all it took for me...I just keep having to remind myself that the sooner I get to work the sooner I can get back home into my snuggly bed.

  3. Anonymous1/11/2010

    LOL isn't it great when you find insentive for a child. My son can have a fruit snack if ready in time and it works every morning. Something as so little as a fruit snack, crazy.

  4. please send Dora to my house if you tire of her. Emily is not a morning person. Nothing works.

  5. i clicked on you by the way of the marvelous mrs. moon.

    my husband and i want to foster retired greyhounds, your posts about what you do for the fosters in your area were inspiring.

    xx mrs. miss alaineus xx