Monday, October 26, 2009

That whole fantasy thing?

Yeah, It's over...
  • Cotton peed on a chair this morning.
  • The boy claimed he was too sick for school. No fever so I sent him. Drugged for the cough...Which resulted in a call less than 2 hrs after start time to get him home.
  • I called the Dr and actually got an appointment, but they were so far behind we still waited 2 1/2 hours to see the doc...who told me what I knew. Boy has croup. Keep up the nebulizer. Wait it out...and miss out on the free swine flu vacs being given through the school because the doctor's have none. He's high-risk, but won't likely get one due to the croup.
  • Z went to the Pumpkin patch...but also the haunted house there. And some asshole child told her the "Bloody Mary" story. She won't go into any room alone now.
  • Piggy is limping. She hurt herself playing soccer with me. It's an "old sports injury" so I'm playing the waiting game there too.

Good news? C feels better & Cotton and Sprout fell in love tonight...They zoomed through the yard at top-speed, repeatedly, like crack-heads. All I could do was stand still and watch lest I be taken out...I think only the Bully Moms/Dads really know what zooming is...He'll meet Piggy when her limp is better.


  1. Hey Lilli - You and one other person hit at just about the same time so I decided to have two winners! Please stop by my blog at your convenience to get the email address and info. Congratulations!

  2. zoomed, yeah that is destra... i know exactly what that means! hugs.

  3. Emily refuses to listen to scary stories.

    Even the Little Mermaid scares her.

    And I can't listen to the news when she's in the car.