Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have been slacking in this space alone. I've been very busy...
  • My blind old man foster Ray-Ray is now neutered and still doing fine.
  • I picked up Cotton McLovin as a foster and he is the sweetest little pittie boy evah! He was a stray scheduled to be put down. Loves the kids, doesn't mind the cats and desperately wants to be friends with my dogs. He's healthy and house trained. Not dominant. What a plus!
  • I'm in a class this week which is proving a real challenge. I love that.
  • I found out I passed the Praxis 2 exam and can enroll in school in January.
  • Football continues. We're not winning a bunch but everyone is in good spirits and learning.
  • Bad news there is 3 confirmed flu cases on the team. Good news is it isn't us.
  • Z continues to love kindergarten but the schedule is still kicking her little butt.
  • The eldest is now single and still has car drama and has to re-learn how to clean her room.
  • J is moving out on Saturday so everyone is busy getting ready for that.

And despite all that I will make some time for a Happy Hour tonight. There is a bunch of stuff in that list worth celebrating.

P.S. I understand the name Cotton McLoving comes from the SuperBad movie...Someone tell me about this character as I've not seen it. Thanks!


  1. McLovin! LOL! The character in the movie is a nerdy little kid trying to be cool so he gets a fake ID, when he went to get it he said they let him pick any name he wanted, so he picked McLovin. Except that was the ONLY name. No first name. Just McLovin. It is actually a pretty entertaining movie...if you like dumb humor. It made me laugh quite a few times!

  2. I had a comment for the post but then I hit the Happy Hour part and now I can think of nothing else - I think I'll have Happy Hour tonight too.
    Now I have Happy Thoughts about Happy Hour - thanks.

  3. Slacker? Nope - busy woman.

    I think I'm ready for a Happy Hour.

  4. I agree with Camlin - sounds like you are keeping pretty busy. That's great news about McLovin - sounds like a cutie. Looking forward to seeing pics of the new addition. Hope you are enjoying Happy Hour!

  5. Hey Lilli, what are you going to enrol for?

  6. Degree in education so I can teach all the business stuff and theory I know without actually doing it. lol