Friday, October 16, 2009

A Doggy Kind of Day...

This is Cotton McLovin, also known as Cotton Ball, Cotton Swab, Sweet Peanut and Fuzzy-Butt.
He is such a sweet, happy boy. He even won over the eldest so we'll be fine if he needs to stay awhile.

He hops around like a bunny and is always happy to see everyone. He's trying to suck up to my dogs (leaning down, kissing them) when they check him out through the crate. He hasn't met my pups without bars yet. I'll wait until he is neutered and knows the rules better. He dances all around the living room when he's out. Loves the yard...That little tail is always straight up in

the air bobbing around like a flag. He wants to be with the kids.
He's already learning it's not polite to jump on everyone, even when he desperately wants to kiss you. He has to have all 4 paws on the floor to be petted and we'll start working on basic commands like sit this week. One of his big pluses is that he is house trained so that's already out of the way. I think I mentioned he was picked up as a stray...Well he had to have been someones house dog that got lost. He's such a good boy, just short on manners and that's easily enough taught. Don't you just want to squeeze him!?

And Ray-Ray? Someone is coming to meet, and hopefully adopt, him on Sunday. He's my blind guy and as awesome as he is this woman is awesom-er...She adopts the elderly and/or disabled Boxers sparing no expense to have them live out their years in a loving happy home. I could not have hoped for better (fingers crossed.)

And today I'm doing a transport run...This is like the Underground Railroad for dogs...You see, sometimes non-local rescue groups pull dogs and there has to be a way to get them to their fosters. Volunteers, lots of them, participate in transporting them. These are quiet volunteers many don't know about but it happens everyday all over the country. It's one hell of a network. Typically folks will drive 1 or 2 hours to help out. This involves coordinating meeting locations, factoring in bio breaks, ensuring crates/safety are cared for and more. The dogs I'm meeting will be on the last leg of their journey when they meet me today. They are coming from Greenville, SC to Richmond VA. My drive today will be 3 hours in total and 3 new dogs will go from the shelter into homes. The details in this small area of rescue work alone will never cease to amaze me.


  1. He is so adorable.

    And I think I'm losing my mind. I'm really thinking about getting another dog.

  2. Oh Lilli, he's a sweetheart!
    How do you stop them jumping up at you? My two are driving me crazy!

  3. Lilli - he's so cute! I want him! I wish I could have another dog. My Chihuahua, however, really wouldn't tolerate a new dog in the house. She barely likes visiting dogs, let alone a permanent one

  4. It is going to be so hard for me to read your blog nowadays :( Cotton is so cute and seems like such a good boy.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love what you do and think it's amazing.


  5. Anonymous10/19/2009

    He is realy cute, sounds like great energy! :-)

  6. Thanks. To help the jumping he is not allowed to be petting untilin a sit position. Around the house if he jumps we turn our back on him while stepping toward him. No pushing him off. when he sits he gets petted and told how good he is.