Thursday, October 29, 2009


So you know the girl was deathly afraid of being more than 5 ft from someone at all times thanks to the rat-bastard child that told her a new horror story, right? Um yeah, my bed has been crowded. I had a friend ask me once why a single woman would need a king size bed all to her self...

KJ came up after going to sleep with his croupy self and proceeded to go back to sleep, coughing on me all the while. That little girl woke up and figured out I was no longer in sight so she joined the party and went back to sleep too. With 2 dogs, each over 50 lbs all settled in too, I abandoned ship. I gave them the bed and snuck into the youngest's room to sleep...Damned if Miss Piggy didn't know! I hadn't even gotten under the cover good when she arrived, but the other 3 slept peacefully in my bed all night. Took them awhile to find me in the morning too. hee hee hee

Now everyone is sick and tired of the little one feigning fear over this ridiculous Bloody Mary story. For those of you that don't know, in the words of the now 6 yr old, if you close yourself in a dark room, alone, and yell "Bloody Mary" 3 times she'll show up from the dead and murder you. Her learning this lovely little gem has resulted in tears and whining anytime anyone walks out of the room or expects her to do go to the bathroom. Or brush her teeth.

The boy got fed up. He joined in all the explanations that this child was telling her lies to scare her. After all spending the night in my bed he decided to prove his point. In total exasperation he said "I will prove this is a lie once and for all!" He shut himself in the water heater closet and did as the story instructed, with the youngest in the hall. Then he pops out and says "see, I told you! No, wait! Maybe I wasn't loud enough?" and he repeats. At the top of his lungs. The whole damn thing was funny as hell and everyone was laughing...She's better now, but still trying to milk it.


  1. King Size Bed + Dogs = Twin Size

    I told Hottie I want my own bed, LOL!

  2. whoa.......that story has been around a long time huh? My kids were afraid of that one too but the version they knew said you had to look in a mirror and say it 3 times...haha