Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe so...

Fo some odd reason that line came to mind to me today. I found out my BIL's 2nd report from the pathologist came in...It says "cancer."

Hmmm...So we got one no, one yes, and one referral to another Doctor. WTF!?!

Waiting sure does suck. I still think the best news is that we have experience with skin cancer, not that you really want that kind of experience. It hasen't killed anyone but follows a stright line in my family amongst those with the fair, pink skin, slam-covered in freckles...Damn dermatoligist promises me I can have it soon too, since I've already got pre-cancerous spots to "watch." Hell, if I ever have to hear those words agin I'll take the skin. That's an easier fix. LOL

I hate it when things don't wrap up in neat little packages.


  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear this Lilli. With one yes and one no, third and fourth opinions are definitely the way to go.

    Positive thoughts your way...

  2. Anonymous9/24/2009

    So sorry to hear that. Hopeing for the best for you *hugs*

  3. Hoping all turns out ok for your BIL. Sending you additional positive thoughts and energy...