Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Puppy Update

Sammy finally ate a small amount of canned food tonight and has kept it down for 2 hours! No vomiting or diarrhea at all today. Even on fluids, he desperately tries not to pee in his cage! He's such a good puppy! His IV catheter has been pulled (he actually did that himself but it's staying out for now) and he's on oral medications and doing great! If all goes well, he may be able to go come back to me, his foster home, tomorrow night!

Dean is still on IV fluids and antibiotics but he's brighter today. He's had a LOT of vomiting and diarrhea today, though, so no food for him still. He's resting and at least not getting worse, though, so we're still hopeful that he will recover soon. He still gives a little tail wag when anyone talks to him or pets him.

Thank you to everyone that has donated and sent well wishes. We'll continue to post updates here.


  1. I hope Dean makes it through.

    I had gotten a rescue pup, had it for 2 days and it showed signs. Took it to the vet, found out it was Parvo, went thru the Rx but the little guy didn't make it. I.was.devastated. Amazing how these little creatures can grab hold of my heart so fast.

    wishing the best for both of them

  2. Anonymous8/13/2009


  3. Glad sammy is doing better!

    Below is the ling for the event in richmond. it is at vcu.