Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday? Already? Really? And a Heatwave?

It So felt like Fall here on Friday. Loved it. Even opened the windows and aired out the house. But today? Um, yeah...Heat Advisory and a Heat index of 110! That really just does suck eggs!

I replaced a broken pool hose this weekend, while the sucker, Um, I mean young man, I paid $40 to weed all my flower beds slaved away in the hot sun...I felt a little bad for him, but since I was paying for his services that felling went away quickly enough.

I got the hot tub cleaned with kids help so it is up and running again too. Ooh, I am a tired girl. I spent all day Sunday at the Watermelon Festival. It happens here each year and 100,000+ people show up to shop eat watermelon and other goodies. It's in the heart of Carytown so all the blacktop keeps it hot! I helped out with an adoption stand, leaving Mr Georgie Boy at home due to the heat...It was 100 yesterday too. Great day. Got some good apps, 3 doggies went home and one was surrendered. I tried to keep all the bowls and pool clean, cold and full. Personally I hate going to a stand and seeing filthy water for the dogs to wallow in. I understand the dogs are what makes it dirty but I think it's ugly and gives folks who don't realize that a bad impression.

There was an awful dog there. The folks wanted a new pet but were asked to leave when their dog upset everyone in one tent. They were asked to leave the store. I saw the dog but failed to notice the owners...Of course they asked to see one of our pups with their 8 month St Bernard and I said yes. I'll be damned if it wasn't that dog. I instructed they could only see each other through a fence and when their dog showed his ass, as I knew he would, it was over. I passed ours off, suggested they not get another dog now and asked them to take their dog away from the stand. They obliged but the woman kept hanging around, I suggested obedience classes or a trainer for him too. She kept asking about the dogs and finally the price of one...then leaned over and told the dog before she left he was too expensive for them. Ick! In hindsight I would have said no, they can't meet...Lesson learned.

And I came home with this little guy up top. Isn't he cute? I'll be fostering him until he goes to a new home. Hopefully he'll be neutered and utd on all his shots by the 25th. He's had his 1st shots already. Last night was his 1st time away from his brother and while he loved playing with Georgie and the kids boy did he cry when I put him to bed...The kids though? They pulled their blankets onto the floor beside him and sang him to sleep. Are they the best or what? And they want him to go to "daycare" at Dad's house during the day with them. No one's bought in yet but perhaps they can work their charms. lol


  1. That new little guy is adorable! What a face.

  2. He's so cute, and your kids are so sweet to lay with him.

    One big exagerrated Awwwwwwww!