Thursday, August 20, 2009

I said I was slowing down, right?

I've mentioned overcrowding my schedule, right? I did it this week for sure...Last minute I re-arranged my day yesterday. I worked from home in the am so a dog could be dropped by. Bruiser and I drove an hour and a half to do a home visit for him and then finalize his adoption. Then I went and did another home visit in the same town and headed back to my spot...I worked from home all afternoon 'til the kids came home...then we went to football and I came home, logged back on and finished up the work day. I love the flexibility, even when it lets me do too much.

Today was busy too...After working I did another home visit (thinking I found another niche here), dropped off paperwork while getting more meds for the coughing puppy, grabbed dinner and headed to Lowes. I fixed a broken outlet cover and light tonight.

I'm dreaming of more mulch...Just haven't made time to get it and spread it. I think I'll let that wait 'til next week and devote this weekend to fun! I have nothing on the books until Sunday...then I get together with friends for brunch and time at the park. May the gods smile on us and keep the temps low. :)

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