Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Damn Parvo!

Sammy, my 3 month old Boxer Mix Foster has Parvo...He came in with his brother from the shelter and his brother Dean went with another foster. Dean was a little sick on Sunday and Sammy wasn't 100% laat night. This morning Sammy had diarrhea and Dean ended up at the emergency vet. Tests came back positive for Parvo...tonight they are snuggling together with their head collars on and IVs in their sweet little legs as they get a concoction of anti-nausea meds, fluids and anti-biotics. We caught it pretty early I think so hopefully they will be fine.
Needless to say it's expensive to go to the emergency vet. The bill for Dean was over $200 today alone and saving money, I helped (with a vet tech) do Sammy on our own. If you can spare it, please consider making a donation by clicking the link below. Thank you!


For more infoonParvo click here: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+2102&aid=467


  1. can you e-mail me your address? shane.rocket@yahoo.com

    don't ask. :)

    glad you love them!

  2. I'm so glad you love these dogs and take such good care of them. It melts my little heart!

  3. Sweet lil' boys.

  4. you're awesome Lilygirl....

  5. Anonymous8/12/2009

    That is awesome you taking care of them. I use to live next to a kennel and would go over and help my neighbor with the dogs. I loved it. Would love to do something like that again. To bad we don't live closer, would try to help you out :-) They are so cute!

  6. Hang in there LG. Help is on the way.

  7. Sammy ate this afternoon...fingers crossed it stays down. Dean is not eating yet but he was worse. They are such good little patients!