Monday, August 31, 2009

4 hours? Really?

OMG...We went on a field trip to Wally World with the express purpose of school supply shopping. I am one of those folks "blessed" to have 4 Wal-Marts within 15 minutes of my home. Being close to lunch/nap time we chose the new one that is NOT located close to businesses...where people work. LOL

I forgot the supply lists of course and the only one they had for the school was the girl. We grabbed one for a different school thinking "How different could it really be?" and texted Dad, who gets email on his phone, to have him download and dictate it to us...So while I sent the 2 youngest off for items one at a time the oldest wrote down the list for the boy as Dad read it off...Z bent her knees slightly, propping her arms up on them and said "Mommy, I am finally going to kindergarten. I'm so excited I am shaking!" Damn, I love that girl!

It was heaven until the other Moms showed up and started filling the aisles. Luckily we were wrapping up by then. Then we moved on to shoes. We stopped by clothes and even picked up the athletic cup I have been avoiding...The thought of trying to figure out what size to buy was bothersome, but luckily they go by weight. LOL (Even though the oldest isn't in school I did buy her a couple things that actually fit as opposed to all the tight crap she insists on squeezing into...They outgrow that, right?)

One of my friends met us there with her kids in tow. We grabbed Subway subs and ran home in order to change and get to football practice...I kept remembering and then immediately forgetting he had practice all day. Must be a subliminal hint, eh?

Happily, J kept the 4 girls (not that the oldest 2 need keeping) and my friend and I chatted and laughed practice away. Tomorrow? The park...Retail is not my thing and I want to get them all outside. :)


  1. Anonymous9/01/2009

    As much as I hate to admit it, I am always at Walmart. They have the best prices. Yeah, I hated school shopping but got it when everything first came out and it still was too busy getting down all those isles. That is almost a football sneak attack in itself. Stand at the end of the isles and tell my son "quick, go grab those pens" he is small still fits through everything. LOL

  2. 4 hours in wallyworld? Seriously?


  3. Seriouly.four.long.hours.

    By the end I had an intense need to leave. I found out why when I returned to the truck, looked at the clock and realized I'd spend half a day