Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So I've been dared...

Some readers may choose to skip this on the basis if TMI, but I'm editing it to keep it almost PG.

  • What underwear do you do you wear? The clean kind...most often bikinis
  • Last book you read or are reading? All Creatures Great and Small...Half way in a couple days
  • Rate your sensitivity level from 1(low) to 5(high) for your hurtful feelings. 2 0r 3? I don't think I'm really all that sensitive
  • Name the farthest place you've traveled to from home. A summer in France
  • Ever get caught "doing it"? Yeah, more than once
  • What is your Biggest accomplishment? Learning to enjoy my own company and be happy on my own
  • What is your major weakness? being impulsive in all areas
  • Do you normally keep your ex's as friends? Yep, to a fault. A friend attended party of mine once and actually asked how many people there I'd slept with...Those who choose to date me have to deal with it or walk away. Just because I went there in the past does not mean I'd do it again.
  • Have you gotten your heart broken more or have you broken more hearts? I'm not so sure but since I've only been through it 3 times I guess I've broken more
  • Ever cause any divorces? Nope though I did present 2 wedding gifts to an ex once explaining they could split them when the divorce came...he failed to see the humor but I knew she wasn't right for him and the divorce did come a few years later.
  • Ever participate in a 3-some? No, I decline those invites
  • Which piece of anatomy draws your eye? I like to view the whole package
  • Muffled or loud? both
  • Name the most unusual place you've "done it". Hell, I don't know...football field? Hood of a car? I'm thinking I'd better not go any further here


  1. nice job on the pg ;)

  2. It was so PG, excellent, now can you go further...

  3. you took the challenge! not everyone did. ;)