Monday, July 13, 2009

Gettin' Busy in the kitchen...3 times today!

Ha ha! Made you look!

I have laundry (yes, it's clean, thank you!) piled in my room so I grabbed some clothes and dressed quickly this am after oversleeping...As we got ready to leave I grabbed from the clean piles on the table and slipped some panties on.As the kids were searching for their shoes. And J walked in for a cup of coffee. Needless to say she laughed at me and wondered aloud if I made a habit of dressing in the kitchen. Likely TMI here but I promise you, my dirty panties don't go in the kitchen. Only the clean ones. :)-

When we got home tonight I was hot, tired and hungry so a quick dinner was in order...J asked what we were having and I answered, "pasta." The kids announced loudly and happily that I was making my "Speciality and dinner would be ready in 5 minutes!" In case you haven't figured it out dinner entailed one of the microwavable bags of chicken, pasta and veggies. I got high praise from the kids, empty bowls all around and more teasing with respect to the fact that yes, microwave dinners are Mom's specialty!

And the coup de grace? Z is still holding grudge but I may have broken though...You know I've been home all of 6 days now and endured so many scowls and cold shoulders from the little one. Last night she even declined to sleep in Mommy's bed as a treat, gave no hug and left to go to her own bed. Ugh,I am so not looking forward to her teenage years...But after dinner we made crystal light. I let her do the water and pump the handle. She's warmed up a bit. Maybe, just maybe I'll even get a goodnight kiss today!

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  1. I was soo like Z in this sense. It is just because she loves you so much!