Friday, July 31, 2009

No Love Notes From my Mail Lady

Really. I've gotten notes on occasion stating that I should not block my mailbox with the threat that if I do my mail will not be delivered. It doesn't occur often and quite honestly that's not too much of a threat to me. It's not like anyone is sending me money or presents, dude. And hell, try not to whine to much...I've seen you in your little air conditioned vehicle. I know you couldn't possibly bring yourself to get out of the car even once in a blue moon to drop me my mail but really, you're not bringing me anything I want. Go Ahead, hold it for a day. I really don't care.

That last note though? It seems you've either got PMS or are just really hating on your job. I know that many years ago the ex put in the new mailbox, I insisted on having, in a little crooked. I know this because I notice those kinds of things and think it detracts from the overall view of my home. But really, do you think you needed to point it out? It's not anymore out of alignment than it was then and is still better than the neighbors creative use of bungee cords to hold theirs up.

Why do you find you need to complain about it now? Do you think a nicer note might have gotten results? I think it might have, but:
a. I don't really know how to straighten the damn thing or I would have years ago,
b. I'm busy with 5 people, 2+ dogs and 6 cats living in my house at any given time sooooo
c. It's not really a priority for me

Suck it up and deal with it. Ya, Thanks


  1. Ask her to send her next "suggestion" note to you in the mail.

  2. Yea, I'd tell her to STFU.

    Deliver my mail, and move on! I mean seriously, the post is crooked?? Fucktard!!!

  3. Anonymous8/03/2009

    I think they are just looking for more to bitch about. They are so damn annoying anymore.