Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did someone say cash?

You know that whole cash for clunkers thing? You couple that with the crappy job the govt is dreaming up on health care reform and I'm feeling a bit of something that smacks of socialism swirling around me...And now I hear on NPR that the Chinese are worried the govt will print more money to cause inflation and thereby reduce the "value" of our debts as a nation. hmmm...might be a valid point.

This is not a post about socialism however, it's all about the whole cash for clunkers deal...A local dealer here is doubling the cash back if you trade in a car meeting the definition of a clunker (owned for a yr and getting less than 18mpg.) So not a fan of the idea I still felt "obliged" to check it out and see what I could get out of the deal. Based on the whole car fiasco a yr ago with C I bought an SUV last year I would not have otherwise and I really don't appreciate the payments. Upside down in one and owning one that gave tons of profit though...and wanting to reduce the overall seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now I wondered if I could see a magical shiny light at the end of the tunnel. No deal...I've just barely met the one yr deadline and get ONE.FREAKIN.MPG.TOO.MANY. Sucks doesn't it. I'm all about $9000 coming off the price of a new car.

So I got to thinking...C bought her new money pit 1-2 months ago and it's been in the shop ever since. Hell, she hasn't even transferred the title at DMV yet. I know, I know. Everybody and their Momma told her not to buy this pretty heap of crap over and over (and then told her to go get her money back...even offering to take the issue up with her) but she would not listen.
**Lightbulb** Get A-hole Idiot who sold her the car to go with her and trade it in putting the 9k towards some other car. Yeah, not so much. It's not technically "drivable" and it too gets ONE.FREAKIN.MPG.TOO.MANY. Go figure. The damn thing is 15 yrs old.

One other snippet? I am staggered by the irony of the program name Cash for Clunkers...How can a 15 yr old car not be a clunker but a fuel-inefficient 2009 model qualify?

On the plus side? My friend Nina's hubby traded in his 22 yr old pick-up for a new 4 door Sebring...It made him a bit sad. He really didn't want to, but it did make sense. The car is very pretty. And he deserves a nice car. They work hard for all they have and are wonderful people. That, to me, feels like who should be benefiting from this kind of stuff.


  1. awww...thanks for the shout out Lilygirl! You know how that johnny boy works all of the time....and always makes sure I have a nice girl so YES, he very much deserves a new car! sorry your's didn't work out...they really have some strict govt guidelines to follow on this program.

  2. I just figured that they would jack the price of the car that one would be buying and the actual rebate would never be seen. It also appears that this trade in deal is only with certain dealerships (Dodge being one of them) and like with Bobby, though his car most certainly would have made the cut, he wants a Corolla...not sure how I feel about this cash for clunkers thing yet...

  3. Anonymous7/30/2009

    I hear you, I think the whole cash for clunkers is a gimick to get people to the dealerships. Then you get there and are told, sorry, not for you. That is with most any gimicks you hear. I would love to find a way to get rid of my car.

    As for IUD, thought that sounded awesome. Went on the website and says not recommended for people with problems with immune systems. Not sure they would do it for me. But I still might bring it up whenever I actually get to a visit. LOL Thanks!

  4. I looked into the cash for clunkers as my car is 10 years old, has some electrical problems, and has 197,738 miles on it. However it does not qualify as a clunker as it gets 35mpg on the highway. FYI it is a Dodge Neon.

  5. I wanted to trade my 10 year old minivan and same thing!! 1 MPG too much... what is going on here?

  6. Lilli, have you read the latest on the cash for clunkers? Leave it to the US government to fuck it up eh?

  7. Yeah, now there's another 2 BILLION dumped in there. Jess, he should check the web to see if he even qualifies. If yes I'd go with the Corrolla. Free money can't be tto bad if all I believe about his car is true. lol

  8. Our 21yo Toyota Corolla get 35-37 mpg...I am having a hard time finding a newer car that has decent cargo room and at least near equal fuel efficiency. Wish Toyota still made the Corolla wagon!

  9. Anonymous8/03/2009

    something else I found out about this this past weekend. The dealerships are raising the cost of the cars that 3 or 4,000 dollars to make up the difference the goverment is giving away so they can pocket the money.