Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's pure lust I tell ya!

My Mom's Boston Terrier wanted to come home with me today after my visit and thinking of Riggo I brought him with me. At first sight he perked right up as if perhaps Rosie was his own. He quickly realized he had not met Roosevelt before but decided they were fast friends right away and I was very pleased.

The lust part? Riggo figured out the kitties live upstairs almost immediately and has NOT forgotten. He wants to get to them more than he wants anything...He looks up there every chance he gets. One had the audacity to engage in a stare-down with him and over the baby gate he went. I tackled him on the bed and downstairs we went. Both animals ended up a little bloody but I do believe the cat won that battle...If the AB Rescue does agree to take him under their umbrella I will be checking to see if there is a cat-free home I can get him into, but otherwise we'll do better with management here and he will still be fine. We've installed another baby gate halfway up the stairs and I've convined Janice (and while I would NEVER propose such a thing normally) to she hang a sheet up to block his view completely. Say a prayer for the kitties...they need it!


  1. good luck little kitties!!!
    riggo- i said no!

  2. Kitty prayer said!!! LOVES!! XOXOXO

  3. Poor kitties...I'll say a prayer but I'm sure they'll manage.

  4. Anonymous7/20/2009

    Sounds like one of the kitties has some major gonads and is antagonistic. Good luck to the kitties!