Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dammit, Oscar!

I'm swapping him...Shortly after my last post Oscar decided he was comfortable here. He humped my oldest child when she tried to pet him, fixated on and growled at the cat setting off Riggo and then showed way too much obsessive interest in the kids outside...I sent Z in and put KJ in the pool. Oscar then tried to jump in the pool and started chewing up my float when that failed. Needless to say he went on leash and into his crate.

I can deal with the dominance and if Riggo wasn't here I'd likely forgive the cat issue, but the kid interest I can't do. He seems totally submissive in the house but did a 180 in the yard. I did an intro with him and Sprout outside as a test and while he tried to take over right away he did accept correction from Sprout. We'll send him to a quieter house to and I'll likely get a puppy who should be fine with all the chaos here. ~sigh~

And Riggo will be here for a bit longer. The *most awsomest ever adopter to grace my door* is going to do a trial adoption with a different American Bulldog next week. I'm ok with it. This dog is fabulous (I met him and wanted him too) and has been in foster care for over a year. It's really too bad for Riggo but wonderful news for Chance!


  1. Anonymous7/27/2009

    LOL sounds like someone just wanted to be difficult and a brat. Awesome for Riggo

  2. I think we're too much for him. Going into a home with kids cats and dogs can be overwhelming it eveything is all new to them. We're putting him in a home without kids and cats and just 1 dog.