Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy, Busy...

Cleaning House is bad for our health. We spent the day cleaning our hoglot of a house and had multiple accidents. I burned the hell out of my finger, including the nail lighting a candle and ripped off half my toenail AGAIN. (It had healed and just recently grown back in from my slicing it with a shovel in April. I am beginning to wonder if perhaps shoes are really a grand idea.) Z managed to step on a piece of glass, we think, though no one claims to have broken a glass recently. Hmmmm. And KJ managed to repeatedly - I mean "Accidentally" - fall into the dog's baby pool. C & J were the only ones to get away without injury (or insult.) Yep, just maybe all this justification for a maid...too bad they demand pay.
And I got another foster yesterday. I need name ideas, please. He was Tyco, then Oscar. I'm thinking Toby. He doesn't know any name yet so we get to pick. He is severely underweight and a scabby flea-bitten mess but otherwise healthy. He's not house trained and is very submissive. Here are his "before" shots (post bath though). I'll post more once he loos better so you can see the difference a little food, shelter and love can make. :)
Guesses on what kind of mix he is too. I know what I think but no one knows for sure. What do you think?


  1. boxer american bulldog?

    and "scratch" is my pick for a name... his nose looks like he has a srtach and you said he is scabby and flea ridden.

  2. He is *adorable* and looks like a Toby!

    You truly have a heart of gold.


  3. He's got the boxer legs and frame .. however his head .. looks like bully. Interesting.

  4. Anonymous7/27/2009

    No clue on mix. but he is a cutie

  5. I would say boxer/pit just from his head and ears. Oh and I like Vaccume for a name. I am one who is not big on people names for dogs. Maybe because the work I do I meet to many nasty people that I would not want to have a dog assocated with.

  6. Dag and Nulanne both came up with the same guess as I and the Rescue's president. :)