Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekends are the best ends.

You know KJ asked if I ever wondered which animal God made first. I said yes and asked for his opinion - cause you know that's where he was going. His answer? God must have made dogs first because they are man's best friend.

We hit 2 local farmer's markets yesterday. I got 2 new trees and at Z's request we bought cabbage. There was other stuff too like fresh cukes and man with a huge grill thing (think metal barrel? I don't know what you'd call it) selling ribs and bar-b-q. The smells were amazing! I'll be back there soon.

I got all motivated to extend my flower bed further and got as far as marking out the area. The grass was mowed and we went to son's baseball game. He got a run in and was quite pleased. The playground was awesome too.

And as Layla's behavior has been escalating I took her to the game for some training. (We've gone back to square 1 and are seeing results.) She only growled at 3 folks which is totally not cool, but an improvement nonetheless. I'm looking for a trainer to get some more ideas/help with her.

And today I got to sleep in. Always good. Z & I Got our hair done and are both pleased with the results. The last cut I got was just too freakin' high maintenance so I've gone back to short hair. It does feel great.

We're off to nephew's birthday dinner - he outlawed a party. Who knew you could be such a grumpy old man at 12? I'll save the present and hopefully he'll be pleased to have everyone over.

I hope yours has ended well!


  1. Lets see the new short dew :)

    Is Layla becoming over protective? She may have stopped seeing you as the alpha and is being the alpha.

    Back to the basics!

  2. I do think she's protective but it seems to be more rooted in fear of strangers (people) and some dog agression...She's got 3 buddies, but they never challenge her.

    We're working hard core on the obedience and saw some great progress this week.

    She's always got it down unless stressed...this week if Riley saw her and challenged her, which he was doing on sight, she'd go off (he is a dominant little dog.)

    Tonight he decided to act an ass after I asked her to find her toy. She got the command leave it because she knows better and then he got corrected. She did not bark, run over or anything, she sat beside me. So she's a good girl, but needs work for sure.

    I'm trying to get hooked up with an aquaintance who is a trainer and see if she can help me step pu my game.