Saturday, June 6, 2009

Miss Z Graduated!

She's one smart cookie I tell ya - and not just because I'm her Mom. She gave the opening welcome to the audience and had a couple of speaking parts. The guidance given by the director was "when you forget your lines listen to Z" and she helped her friends out.

At one point the children each stepped forward to announce what they would be when they grow up. We heard about doctors, a policeman, a teacher and more. But my girl? Pshaw, she announced she would be a Princess! Hell, I want to be one too. I think we've got the qualifications pretty well down.

Each child came down the steps of the stage as the Director announced them to accept their diploma from the Assistant Director. Z was a lady and shook the woman's hand, then as she walked to her seat in the pews she yelled out loud enough for all to hear "It's ___!" You see, everyone pronounces our last name wrong and my first 2 children let folks slide. Z does not. Folks clapped and laughed and Miss P apologized to her.

All night long folks were singing her praises for her "leadership skills." I was asked if we practiced her lines at home. We didn't. I didn't know what they were. No worries though, she memorized the entire graduation from start to finish and recited it for me in the evenings..."Do you want to hear what A says?" "then W says..." "I say..."


  1. Yippee for the strong child! You got a cool kid there, LG!

  2. ahaha I have an appreciation for Miss Z--I was the same way when I was little, only people couldn't spell my last name (and it's not that damn hard!)

  3. Anonymous6/08/2009

    Wow, Z has some really good memorization skills. Sounds like maybe she will be acting as a princess in her future.