Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Homeward Bound!

I'm nervous, excited, sad but happy and so much more...Cassidy should go to her new home on Saturday.

Riley-Wigglebutt has a pending adoption...fingers crossed for his home-visit so he can go his new Mommy next weekend!

And Michelle, as the kids named her, had a visit from the local Rottweiler Rescue Group today who agrees she is purebred and that they can find a foster for her. They don't think she's more than 2 months old and is an American Rottie as opposed to a German one that has the bigger, blocky body and head.

All awesome news!

In the midst of all the changing of the dogs it looks like Zeus, who I posted on earlier, will come and stay while the courts decide where he will end up...Back in Rescue or with an irresponsible owner? Wherever he goes we'll give him safe, fun place while he waits. RBR is taking care of his new skin ailment of course and I'll foster him.
We're still raising money for his legal bills and are about half-way to the goal of $500. If you'd like to chip in you can donate here: http://boxerrescue.chipin.com/zeuss-appeal


  1. They are all so lucky to have you in the interim. What beautiful dogs!

  2. So bittersweet, I imagine.

  3. Such awesome news!

  4. Anonymous6/24/2009