Saturday, June 27, 2009

Call me a doofus...

Call me scattered...I blame it all on the dogs. Cassidy went home with her new family today and as happy as I am for her she's been here about months. That's a long time to have a dog with you and then just hand her over to start a whole new life. Yeah, it was harder and I was more attached than I realized.

And RRR still has to get back to me on the puppy and Riley may go on Friday. It will be a welcome break but it still feels like a bit of a loss here. There are other dogs that need help though and I'll keep on keepin' on.

The kids asked me how many had been through here this year? Fifteen. Thirteen of those have gone on to permanant loving homes. The other 2 are Riley and our stray Michelle. Their time is coming too. That's a lot of dogs to pass through one home in 6 months...


  1. There's a special place in Heaven for you, Sista!! I applaud what you're doing and fully support your efforts.
    And, I'm here to tell ya, you AIN'T no doofus.

  2. You are so not - you are a human with a great capacity to love. You are doing remarkable work!

  3. Anonymous6/29/2009

    LOL I don't think you are a doofus. That is alot of dogs but think it takes a really good heart to do that.