Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Good Time to be had by All.

What a nice day. After sleeping in and lounging a couple of hours I cut the back yard. I know it rained almost every day last week but I am still amazed that my lawn can grow one foot in such a short time. We skipped out to head to the baseball game and discovered that Sprout has one more endearing quality...He loved riding in the Jeep with the top down! (Before you get in a huff and tell me how unsafe that is I had him between us, on leash, firmly gripped the whole time, just in case he got any crazy ideas. He didn't, he loved it.) My son had some great hits and they won the game. The dog got Freakin-Oh-My God-Filthy rolling in the mulch! My youngest was off having a "girl-day" with aunties - getting her hair and nails done, face painted and more. The guys were headed to drag racing after the game. The eldest was never seen as she was off gallivanting and hosting a cookout with her friends.

J and I went home and she mowed the front while I did something resembling weeding - there's still a bunch of grass to be pulled, but it does look better. I put the pool up. Next I'll clean it and get it ready for summer. Since it was 80+ (thus spurring the idea to put up the pool) I filled the dogs pool for them. Layla was so pleased! The water was ice cold so she started just with the paws. Within 5 minutes she was dipping her chest in and finally rolling in it. We ate on the deck, played with the dogs, sat in the hot tub, just a nice relaxing afternoon.

I need to change the water in the hot tub and since Sprout was limping from his busy day and hates a bath I put him in the hot tub. He did not approve but came out softer, prettier and without a flea...I would know this because I found it climbing up my arm. EW!!! He had a tick too. I imagine he picked them up at the park and I'm glad I found it quickly. I checked him all over and Miss Piggy had none.

We went to PetSmart too. We are baby sitting fire-bellied toads and they needed crickets to eat. (We'll be setting hours for the petting zoo soon - though I did decide to let the snake go as J promised to quickly move out.) The dogs went and since they needed their nails done I paid for the grinding. They were long enough that they had to be clipped before grinding but I was impressed with the results and even more impressed with their behavior. They didn't enjoy it, but the was none of the crying and whining I get at home. For $11 it was worth it.

I knew Spring had started but wondered when it would really kick in...It did last night. There was what can only be called a pollen storm and now Everything is covered in that awful yellow film! I left the windows cracked and it's covering the furniture too. I had a fantasy of C coming home and cleaning the house for my birthday, but I don't think that's gonna happen. We're cooking out tonight so, guess I better get started.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

  2. yes, a wonderful and busy weekend...even the pups were busy too.
    I'll have to check out our PetSmart for nail trimming. We take the cat to our Vets maybe PS would be cheaper.

  3. Hey... I just wanted to thank you for your kind words on apeaceofus.blogspot ... I know we don't know eachother, but your thoughts meant a lot. - Jen

    P.S. - I LOVE your dogs : )

  4. DYke Evolution, you're welcome.

    Hi Jude. My girl has issues with strangers of any shape and size so I think that was the bonus for me. She was patient and understanding and experiences like that are good for my nervous pup. She got treats, praise and was ressured with me nearby, but not involved. She'll likely never get to enjoy a dog park but I would like to be able to take her out in public without her worrying when people want to pet her.