Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good freinds make for good times!

I haven't been out in awhile...You know, like at night, living it up and an impromptu evening all came together splendidly. Two of my girlfriends came over to join J & I and we all headed out to an art show. The had great stuff out of every one's price range so we didn't stay long.

We went for dinner at a sidewalk cafe where the food was fab and the beer was flowing - and I weaseled out of being the designated driver for a change. Yay me!

Then we went to meet the guys at the club...Don't cha know there was a male underwear modeling show last night? lol They were working it for the dollars - taking any and all paper money form any male or female that offered. They even got up and danced on the bar! There was one girl in the show. I guess she was a "token." Our servers got a huge kick out of one of my friends...I think her eyes were as big as saucers and she was having a blast. She wanted them all to come to our table and passed out dollars all around...They were also giving away this $35 dollar underwear to any club goer that would try them on. We sent one of the guys with her but then he found out he'd have to get up on stage and model it. He chickened out. Can't blame him - there were co-workers in the place...I don't imagine I'd want my co-workers to see me running around in underwear either.

It was fabulous - Lots of good conversation, house music, drinks, and folks running around. While I couldn't do this every week, it was a great way to start off the birthday weekend!


  1. Anonymous4/18/2009

    Birthday Weekend? - Well, heck... have a great Birthday!

    I brought a friend to an art opening today. Then we stopped for a cocktail and nachos... that's as far as we got... no underwear models in town. (chuckle) - Underwear is like a bathing suit... well... maybe co-workers don't need to see bathing suits either.

  2. BIRTHDAY!! YAY!! Happy birthday!! I sure would have enjoyed seeing all of THAT! Sounds like my kind of scene!

  3. Well Happy Birthday to you!!!! Hope it keeps rolling for you.