Friday, March 6, 2009

Where's Joe gone?

I jsut read a great post over at Mama Kat's and I laughed out loud...Seems her daughter has another world where she has a purple house "wit aw de trappins"...Reminds me of Joe. I haven't heard about him in awhile...So I asked how Joe was doing:
"Joe. He used to be a good friend of yours."
"Oh, he's moved to Califonia."
End of discussion.

Joe was KJ's best friend in the whole world from about the age of 2-5. He hung around until shortly after kindergarten began. They explored jungles, traveled the world and got into so many adventures. I remember humoring him because I was so impressed with the stories he'd tell me every day and with his imagination. I never want to see that squelched, but one day I almost lost it...When I picked him up from daycare he wanted to drop by Joe's house on the way home. I knew Joe was imaginary but KJ argued vehemently with me...He even went so far as to show me Joe's house on the way home. And had a major tantrum when I refused to stop at a stranger's door.

I guess Joe has moved on now. KJ never shared him with anyone but me though many enjoyed the stories I shared. His Dad's feelings were hurt to be excluded but KJ would never discuss it with his Dad. He even went so far as to deny knowing anyone with that name and then scold me one on one for telling. So Joe is ours alone and I was privileged to have been included in the adventures.

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  1. My half sister had 3 imaginary brothers until she was about five. They taught her all kinds of amazing things and one Christmas we left them at the airport for days on end, I suppose because we were so caught up in the holidays, and one of them broke his leg after trying to catch a bus since we'd failed to pick him up.
    She knows of them, but doesn't actually remember them.
    I always wanted an imaginary friend when I was little, but was too literal and kept waiting for them to just show up. They never did.
    I am totally intrigued and probably push for too much information from the kids who have them. I find it such a fascinating phenomenon and always have.