Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a Nice Day!

We put in a new flower bed this weekend. Everyone helped! J & KJ dug holes and hauled plants. Then Z, KJ and I put them all in with the kids finishing up with water. (I must give mad props to Nina for giving me lamb's ear & lemon balm last year!) I split it up to help get this bed started along with some new azaleas, blueberry and jasmine vines. I put clematis out by the mailbox and forsythia along the fence. My aim was for many low maintenance plants. We put in a Bing Cherry tree out back too along with more berry bushes and seedless grape vines. Should all be a hit.

While I will appreciate the beauty one of the goals is to get a small bit more privacy from the neighbor's Chihuahua who insists on coming into my yard and the men that are in and out all day. They are nice neighbors but my dogs bark at them terribly. I can't imagine they like it and I know I don't. Hopefully when all this stuff grows it will help. ;)

And piggy was very happy to have a bone while Sprout was crated. She loved having it all to herself!


  1. looks REALLY pretty!! I can't wait for this cold rain to stop so I can get back outside and get my beds ready :)

  2. The gardening sounds fantastic!! So many lovely flowering plants and fruits. I love fruit trees/bushes. Enjoy your hard work :)

  3. Anonymous4/01/2009

    Good choice of plants. You will see them grow and spread. I divided some of my iris last year for a friend's garden.

  4. Your yard sounds delicious!

    I just love clematis.

    I want to plant more lush plants, but we have a pretty dry hot climate in the summer, and with our current drought, it seems rather selfish. But I do look forward to seeing the pictures as your garden blooms and expands!