Friday, March 27, 2009

Escalator Kisses & Weenie Cups

Layla thought we were leaving her...I have been doing major cleaning and decluttering and was packing up stuff for Goodwill. Guess she thought we were going on a trip and got herself all stressed out. I will be on a trip next Friday though...Frodo found a NEW HOME!!! I am so happy for him. He came to us in December and since that time has been wormed, vaccinated, micro chipped and successfully completed his heart worm treatment. He got his 1st dose of heart worm preventative this month without a reaction - thank God! He's going to live with a woman (who's already out shopping for him) and her 2 kitties. He won't have a fenced in yard to escape but will instead go on daily walks. I am so pleased! It took forever but this seems to be an awesome thing! Fingers crossed!

And Escalator kisses you ask? No, I didn't get any hot passionate kisses this week but Z brought up the topic of escalator kisses. Did you know Eskimos give escalator kisses because they don’t want their lips to freeze together? If that happened then they'd have to follow each other around and sleep together. You better be careful who you kiss on the escalator!

And weenie cups? KJ mentioned he hoped he'd get a "cup" for the baseball season. I pointed out that they are not usually provided and that those are something the Mom or Dad usually takes you shopping for. And then I tried to change the subject...too late. The little one jumped right in trying to discern the topic at hand. She said "ooooh, baseball cups. What are those." She went on to ask if they were "pee-pee cups" and I didn't answer...Then she asked if they were "weenie cups" and her brother provided confirmation...And the questions kept coming about "why do you want to put your penis in a cup?" (I'm dying in the front seat now) He explains that they are for protection and based on the conversations today and visions I had as a child I imagine Z now has the same pre-adolescent picture in her head I did...A boy running around with a plastic tumbler strapped over his weenie!

Have a great one!


  1. Ahhhhh hahahahhahhaaaa! Love it! I have the very same visual! So hilarious!

  2. Anonymous4/01/2009

    I wouldn't want to drink out of that cup. (giggle)