Monday, February 16, 2009

Pretty Girl...

I believe in giving back and making a difference. My boy Sprout is the most awesome dog I've ever met and my family regularly teases me that I'd marry him if he was human...Hell, I think they're probably right and I'll never find another like him. I adopted him from animal control here. The rescue groups in the area pull dogs as many as they can, but there's no denying some get euthanized.

So, one way I give back is fostering and helping homeless dogs find their "forever homes." I started out just volunteering at the shelter and off-site adoption stands. Then took in a litter of puppies for one week while they built up enough immunity to enter our area's SPCA (a no-kill shelter). I helped another couple dogs with heartworms go through treatment. I have one with me now who's not doing so well. He's now being checked liver and kidney issues that may or may not be there and may or may not be an effect from the treatment needed to try and save his life. That's one of the tough spots. But knowing all the other dogs are healthy and strong (and there have been 10 others so far) have been adopted into loving homes is a great reward for all the work.

This is Dottie pictured above. She is currently homeless after being abandoned at a warehouse. I hear...Dot is very friendly towards people. She had to learn not to jump up on visitors and has come along very nicely with that. She had some problems with the cats initially but is getting better every day. Now the cat can walk right up to her and rub on her and she just watches it. She used to bark and chase it. She is also getting along very well with the other three dogs: two family dogs and one other foster. At first she seemed scared and did not know what to expect from them but now they play all of the time and even share food bowls. We also have five horses and she has not had any problems with them." "Dottie is very lovable and likes nothing better than to crawl up in your lap and cuddle. She likes to stay very close to the people in the house and follows them everywhere. Maybe she is afraid she will get abandoned again. Very eager to please and is learning "good dog" manners. She has been bathed, de-wormed and given a 7 way vaccine. Weighs around 50 lbs. and needs to be spayed. She is crate trained and almost house trained. She is also learning to walk on a leash properly."


  1. She's a beautiful dog. I just think dogs make such great companions. I hope this girl finds a new permanent home soon.

  2. She's a gorgeous girl. I wish i could just make my home a permanant home for all lost animals. I have to steer clear of animal shelters and the like. Otherwise i would have a house full of animals!! I just can't say no.

  3. Very sweet looking.

    I have 3 now ... and I hate that they are getting old :(