Thursday, February 5, 2009

I bet...

I am the proud Mom of one little boy that seems to have no shortage of testosterone...Why just yesterday he told me how happy he was that his friend owed us $20. You might wonder why...I did. During our conversation I discover that he and boy A in his class bet a boy B that he couldn't get X to be his girlfriend...Well, they won the bet and were looking forward to colleting and splitting the money. This was not really one of my prouder moments. We talked a bit about why this might be wrong and he declared he'd call off the debt. I'm glad he did but I'm not sure I believed we'd have to discuss this kinda thing at the tender age of 8.

He does silly things like declaring he's going to school in my graphic print rubber boots and sweet things like curl up in my lap to snuggle. He's awesome and he gets to try on different roles everywhere he goes. I'm glad that even though he's trying to model this super-guy crap at school it doesn't reflect who he really is. I know he's finding his way but I hope he holds onto the sweet, creative soul that is his and that those "guys" out there don't ever get to have too much influence.

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