Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You take the Good, You Take the Bad, And There you Have...

Are you singing with me? I couldn't manage to come up with any other title...

The great news is that I've been complimented for great work on some stuff I've been doing at work! While I can't go into any great detail I am working towards my Business Process Certification and have just about wrapped up my work and expecting us to receive our Executive's approval in about week. I consider myself quite fortunate to work for a company that supports learning and even better, a Director who was willing to let me take on the work with him as my customer so to speak. I'm in high hopes of wrapping up my certification and the work I've done on this process or project by the time I duck out of the office for the holidays. It feels great, I was excited and challenged by the work and I think it's the best fun/quality I've had all year.

The fiasco involved my children (of course.) We have a mall nearby with decorations, piped in Xmas music, a skating rink and it was 72 freakin degrees here today! I've no idea what was up with the weather but I count it as a small blessing and decided to take my ever-lovely children and our happy rowdy dog to see Santa here at the outdoor mall...Well, the Fat Man was not there...Turns out he's at a different mall. One that's not dog-friendly. So, we window shopped to "firm up" our list and I promised I'd check his schedule before we made the next trek in an attempt to catch up with him...Guess it reinforces the believing though. lol

And the bad news...My neighbor came over to inform me that when J stained the fence 4 *&%&%^ MONTHS AGO!!! the spray overshot onto his truck and now he'd like us to remedy the situation. His suggestion was anew paint job just in time for Xmas. Um, yeah, no, I don't think so, buddy. These are the same neighbors that lost their mailbox to my son's wild wagon antics a few years ago and bought a more expensive one before I had a chance to replace it...So I'm off to Autozone to pick up a "Clay Bar" and Lubricant to try and get this crap off before paying someone else to detail is and buff it out. See, you hear me, no new paint job...Plus the damn things been sitting 4 months unnoticed so I think my dragging my feet ever so slightly can't hurt too bad. Who knows? Well, if you do or have any experience with this I'd love to hear from you. I've been all over the Internet and this is the best solution I've found!

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